STEP ONE: Go to, click the Log in menu at the top left corner of the page.




STEP TWO: Type in your username and password in the provided box after which you click on login.




STEP THREE: Create a customized personal username followed by your e-mail address, this is the username given to you at the CSIS laboratory Example is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Click on the Next button.




STEP FOUR: This page automatically brings your site name in this form – Fill in the title you want to give your site and select the options below according to your preference.




STEP FIVE: Login to your school mail at with the same login details you obtained at the CSIS laboratory. A notification will be sent to your mail, open the message and click the first link (see the image below).




STEP SIX: Another notification will be sent to your mail containing the username and password for your blog site. For further enquiries, kindly post it as a comment here.