Moodle  is the Landmark University's centrally supported learning management system – a tool that gives educators the best tools to manage and promote learning since we are interested mostly in collaborative types of activities that include lots of discussions, peer-evaluation,  an open source product, meaning that the source code is openly available.

Moodle has a very large, active community of people who are using the system and developing new features and enhancements. You can access this community at and enroll in the Using Moodle course. There you’ll find people who are more than willing to help new users get up and running, troubleshoot, and use Moodle effectively.

To visit our learning management system click here, Please note that  access to courses and/or activities is limited to users with accounts.  This is done to ensure the privacy of our users' information.

Users opinion towards better use and access  are welcome, please do let us know