General Policy
Eligibility for Computer Network and Internet Access
Term of Permitted Use
Appropriate Use of Computer Network and Internet Resources

Center for System and Information Services (CSIS) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Landmark University’s computer network and internet services. The University is pleased to offer Faculty, Staff and Students access to its computer network and the Internet. For the university to continue making network and internet access available, faculty, staff and students must behave appropriately and lawfully. The following are IT policies governing the management and use of these resources. These policies are in addition to, and do not supersede, University policy.

 General Policy

Users of University computer network and internet resources must:

  • Protect their online identity from use by another individual,
  • The integrity of computer-based information resources, and
  • The privacy of electronic information.

In addition, users must refrain from seeking to gain unauthorized access, honor all copyrights and licenses and respect the rights of other information resources.

Eligibility for Computer Network and Internet Access

Only Landmark University faculty, staff, students and authorized persons are allowed to use the university’s computer network and internet resources.
The procedures for getting a computer account and network access can be found here.

By accepting your account password and related information and accessing the university's network or Internet system, you agree to adhere to this policy. You also agree to report any network or Internet misuse to the Centre for Systems and Information services. Misuse includes policy violations that harm another person or another individual's property. If you or anyone you allow to access your account (itself a breach of this policy) violate this policy, your access will be denied or withdrawn. In addition, you may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Users must refrain from seeking to gain unauthorized access to other users’ account by any means possible (such as the use of hacking software), username and password theft. Attempts to gain unauthorized access to a system or to another person's information are a violation of University policy and may also violate applicable law, potentially subjecting the user to both civil and criminal liability.
Sharing of user account/identity (user ID and/or password) violates University policy.

Term of Permitted Use

  • The eligibility of computer account holders is reviewed periodically. The university may suspend access at any time for technical reasons, policy violations, or other concerns. Accounts for individuals who no longer meet the eligibility criteria will be removed.
  • Faculty and staff accounts are removed after separation from the university. It is the responsibility of the university departments to notify the CSIS when faculty or staff accounts need to be removed.
  • Student accounts are removed when the student is no longer enrolled.

Appropriate Use of Computer Network and Internet Resources

In support of academic instruction, research, and administrative functions, the university encourages the use of, and provides access to, information technologies and network resources. This enables Landmark University users to access global information resources, as well as the ability to communicate with other users worldwide. In keeping with its role and values, Landmark University supports the use of electronic communication for the conduct of official university business and for individual professional purposes related to an official university purpose.

Use of the university computer network and internet resources is a privilege that depends upon the appropriate use of those resources. Users of the university computer network and internet resources are responsible for using those resources in accordance with the federal, state and local laws and with Landmark University policy.

These policies, laws, and regulations, cover areas such as illegal access to computer systems, networks, and files; copyright violations; and the use of the university computer network and internet resources for harassment purposes. Individuals who violate federal, state, or local law or Landmark University policy regarding the use of computer network and internet resources are subject to suspension or loss of access to those resources as well as to Landmark University disciplinary and/or legal action.

Faculty, Staff and Students are to adhere to the rules of network etiquette, or netiquette. In other words, they must be polite, adhere to the university's electronic writing and content guidelines, and use the network and Internet appropriately and legally. ABC will determine what materials, files, information, software, communications, and other content and activity are permitted or prohibited.

All students are thereby notified they are to register whatsoever network enabled gadgets (ipads, ipods, android tablets, laptops, etc.) in their possession with the Centre for System and Information services on resumption.