Core Services are the technology resources we provide to you, by default, if you are a member of the staff, faculty or student community. These Services are enabled on the creation of a staff/student user account at the IT Service Desk

IT Service Account Administration:

This service provides computer accounts (login IDs and passwords) for students and staff, which allow access to all University's IT facilities.

Internet Service:

We provide connectivity for the university community to access digital information from desktops, laptops or tablets on campus. All registered staff/students can connect personal gadgets to University resources using the university wireless network to access portal, email, the library catalogue and the library databases. However, all available access to digital resources and wireless network will require staff/students login account which is provisioned at the point of registration.

Audio visual Services:

Audio Visual (AV) Services offers staff and students with technology support to aid in the presentation and communication of relevant content and information for teaching, learning, research and business outcomes. Our key technology in delivering these services include systems for sound distribution such as speakers, amplifiers, microphones; devices used for presentations, collaboration and communication.


The primary University email address for both students and staff usually comes in the format lastname. firstame@ .Please note that the internal server email addresses which was accessible to staff and student , is currently available only to staff

Please contact the IT Service Desk for any emails enquiries.

Network Connection:

The University network provides access to PC services, the internet and the Intranet Portal through fixed and wireless access points. And all university buildings are linked by optical fibre cable to the University Data Network.

This service provides all staff and student with fast and secure network connectivity to the network and the internet. Students can connect their own computers to the either network jack in their rooms or limited access point

Software Provision:

We have various softwares installed on our systems for various departments. Some include Sage, Auto Cad, Stata, Shazam, E-views, etc.

Telephone Services

Centre for Systems and Information Services provides all voice-related services for University departments. This includes professional services (including planning for remodeling and new equipment purchases), training on using your telephone lines and sets, and telephone etiquette training.

The Landmark University telephone system accommodates more than 450 lines serving the Campus. We provide University departments with a wide range of business telephone services, from office phones, voice mail, long distance, headsets, toll-free numbers, conference phones, and repair to advanced call routing, automated attendant systems, online bill access, and design of office telephone systems.


Landmark University has designated CSIS with the responsibility of installing and maintaining cabling infrastructure on university owned and leased spaces, both on and off campus. CSIS provides campus with the design and installation of cabling systems. Cabling is used for all voice, data and video applications within a building. A building's cabling system is a permanent fixture, and can be thought of as a utility. Structured cabling connects buildings on campus to the campus backbone and to other building networks.

Types of Cabling

  • Premise wiring - phone, data, video wiring within a building
  • Fiber backbone - both inter- and intra-building
  • Copper backbone - inter-building
  • Design and estimating - new building and remodeling projects that require cabling
  • Surveying - inspecting and logging details of structured cabling on campus

Our Products and Systems

  • Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) copper cable, coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, and connectivity devices (jacks, patch panels, face plates, etc)
  • Air-blown fiber optic system for inter-building connectivity (campus backbone)
  • Conventional fiber for intra-building connectivity (building backbone)



All computers are connected to a network printer for student use. Printing for students is charged per page and students will need to credit their printing account to use printing services.

You can check the balance of your printing account here