The print service is available at the following locations:

  • Computer lab

  • E-library

Printing is charged: N30 per A4 page, more for colour printers

Your ability to use this service depends on your available credits which is visible to you in your printing account information page, this account can be funded via e-Wallet service or direct deposit at the computer lab. Visit this link for more information on PAPER CUT

When you have used up your allocation, you have to pay for more print credits: you can do this online via e-wallet service or purchase printed voucher at computer lab during office hours (8am – 5pm)

Check your credits

A student print account is automatically decremented as she/he prints. Your print account balance can be viewed by clicking the Print icon on your desktop. You can also check your printing account status here

Your recent print history (30 days) can also be viewed.


Bad printing as a result of failures caused by system or equipment malfunction, not for user mistakes is entitled to refund with evidence of spoiled output, Such case will be attended to at print output collection point within the campus