User Desktop Interface
Check your credits
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User Web Interface

PaperCut's print is accounting and print management software has been developed for students/staffs to help save money on excess printing. We believe setting reasonable budgets or quotas and active monitoring is the key to controlling print usage in the campus.

PaperCut is the only true cross-platform print control software available, providing full support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell network environments.

Students can print documents on any networked printer on campus through the use of a commercial software program called PaperCut. Which gives you access to a personalized user page that provides information such as your available balance, print history, and pending print jobs, as well as options to add funds, request refunds
Your printing account information can be checked anytime by viewing the PaperCut client installed on all computer systems at computer lab by login in to papercut using your LDAP ID and password .

The papercut print service is available at the following locations:

  • Computer lab
  • E-library

Printing is charged: N30 per A4 page, more for color printers.
Your ability to use this service depends on your available credit which is visible to you in your printing account information page;
This account can be funded via e-Wallet service (On Netsurf) or direct deposit at the computer lab.

Refill print1


Refill print2

When you have used up your allocation, you have to pay for more print credits: you can do this online via e-wallet service or purchase printed voucher at computer lab during office hours (8am – 5pm)

How to use the papercut service

User Desktop Interface

The papercut service is installed on all computer systems in the Computer laboratory and E-library. A desktop shortcut “client tool” is a component that runs on the systems. The user client provides services to users that enhance the print tracking experience. It makes Print accounting made easy. Show users their balance, send print notifications, and charge to shared account.
Other advantages include:

  • Display the user's printing credit in real-time
  • Provides a convenient link to open the user web interface To log into your PaperCut user page, click here
  • Assist in message delivery, such as "printing denied" messages
  • Provides access to advanced features such as the ability to allocate print jobs to shared/group accounts


However, a very much easier way to login will be when a user wants to print. Automatically, for every document a user wants to print, the user will be prompted to login (Fig.1):
Please note that the only medium via which your print account can be funded is via E-wallet



After a successful login,

Check your credits

A student print account is automatically decremented as she/he prints. Your print account balance can be viewed by clicking the Print icon on your desktop after which you will be prompted to login (Fig 1)


Print notifications

  • Notifies users when their printing is denied and explains why
  • Notifies users when their balance is low
  • All messages are fully customizable


User client low balance notification message

Print confirmation

When a user prints, PaperCut may optionally display a popup with print job information including number of pages, color/grayscale information, the job's cost and its document name. Users verify the print job and can choose to print or cancel it. This process reduces waste by reducing the number of incorrect/accidental print jobs.


User Web Interface

The user web interface provides a range of functionality that empowers users to make the most of PaperCut without requiring intervention from administrators.
The following screenshots demonstrate some of the available features:
Summary page - balance, balance history, environmental impact


  • Rates – to show each printer with its default page cost.
  • Redeem Card page - add top-up/pre-paid card value to user balance.
  • Transfers page - transfer balance to other users (i.e. for student group projects).
  • Recent Print Jobs page - a user's reference for their print history and may also request refunds.
  • Jobs pending release - A list showing jobs awaiting approval prior to printing.

jobs pending

  • Web print - Not available at the moment.

If you do not wish to install the PaperCut Client and printer, you may print to PaperCut by using the web portal which allows for uploading PDFs directly to the print queue which can be released at any station.
For Web printing please follow the below instructions

  1. Go to to access the PaperCut web login screen.
  2. At the PaperCut login screen enter your single sign on LMU ID   and password and click Login. 
  3. From the left column, click Web Print.
  4. Select which printer you wish to print to then click
  5. Use the Browse button to locate and select your file. Note the file formats that can be used for Web Print. Click on Upload & Complete >>
  6. Confirm the number of copies you wish to print on the Options page.
  7. Click Upload Document>>