CSIS First Webinar

The Centre for Systems and Information Services on Monday, 17th August 2020 organized a webinar titled “Beyond COVID-19: The Making of a Digital Teacher (I)”. The aptness of the webinar was espoused in the context of teacher-student interaction in the digital era. The webinar actually exposed members of faculty of the University to the technological skills required for effective digital pedagogy which included communication and time management; patience, compassion and empathy; technical skills and tools; and technological literacy. The webinar also enhanced their ability to navigate the tools and skills needed for working and living in a digital society, and providing instructions to students in the same skills. 

The Director of the Centre, Mr Opeyemi Matiluko, said the webinar was rather promptly organized to fully embrace the new normal of blended learning in conjunction with the benefits inherent in digitization and technology for all-round human advancement.