The Mission of CSIS is to provide, coordinate, and facilitate the use of information technology resources to the satisfaction of the institution, its stakeholders, improvement and maintenance of the local area network (LAN). We achieve this by being:

  • » Proactive as well as reactive
  • » Customer focused
  • » Collaborative and sharing
  • » Challenging and supportive forward-looking
  • » Professional and friendly
  • » Attend to all administrative issues
  • » Provide leadership in planning and developing the University information systems.
  • » Using Information Technology in connecting students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders with operational and strategic information resources.
  • » Make sound capacity and related decisions, prepare professional report and recommendations to the Central Management after evaluating project objectives and scope for feasibility
  • » Provide University-wide support for all computing resources
  • » Automate systems monitoring tasks using standard monitoring tools.
  • » Server hardware provisioning including configuration and deployment.
  • » Data backup management, scheduling and reporting for both internal University systems and data centre system.
  • » Build and deploy virtualization servers for University and data centre environments.
  • » Troubleshooting and support University cyber operations such as websites, SFTP sites, ticketing system sites, test management suite, SMTP services and intranet.
  • » Provide technical support for web developments
  • » Establish systems standards, policies, and procedures.
  • » Create and maintain system configuration and work flow diagrams. 
  • » Research new technologies that may increase productivity or provide better service to the University
  • » Design and implement security measures against cyber-attack and virus.
  • » Respond to requests for help and information from web site visitors and web site designers 
  • » Working closely with IT project management, database programmers and web developers.


The Vision of CSIS is to become a world-class centre of excellence where the potential of ICT is harnessed to transform the institution into an automated work environment that supports research and development to provide a customer-centered ICT and business development services that:

  • » Is responsive to the needs of a diverse range of users.
  • » Is a valued and integral part of the University’s academic and business processes.
  • » Provides the lead in access to electronic forms of information
  • » Exploits technology to its full potential
  • » Leads and manages business process review in the University
  • » Provides leadership in the area of ICT to help ensure the effective use of academic and business information systems within the University
  • » Provides electronic e-Payment for financial operations.
  • » Provides e-Learning, e-Health, e-Examination e-Administration for the internal and external university communities.